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Project Life for Tennessee


To assist and educate in providing options for making healthy life choices.


Project Life for Tennessee is a division of the Tennessee Action Council, a 501(c)(3) fully tax exempt organization located in Franklin, TN The Tennessee Action Council has three operating divisions:

  • Project Life for Tennessee
  • Crossroads Pregnancy Clinic
  • Helping Hands


To lease mobile ultrasound units to existing Pregnancy Centers throughout Tennessee.  The ultrasound technology will help these centers more effectively show women with unintended pregnancies that they have far more positive choices for their future — and the future of their child — than they might think.

We make this all easy by purchasing a mobile unit and leasing it to each center, saving the centers the cost of a new mobile ultrasound unit which can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


What is Project Life for Tennessee?

Mobile Ultrasound Units

Project Life for Tennessee purchases Mobile Ultrasound Units to place with existing Pregnancy Clinics such as Portico and Alpha Alternative.

Crossroads Pregnancy Clinic

Crossroads Pregnancy Clinic is a mobile Pregnancy Clinic serving rural Middle Tennessee.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands provides TN Foster Care kids with duffel bags to help build self-esteem & provides Pregnancy Clinics with car seats, strollers, diapers, cribs, etc.