Operating in Nashville for nearly 30 years, the Women’s Center is finally closing its doors!

The abortion facility (owned by traveling abortionist Gary Boyle) has tried and failed year after year to obtain licensing. The abortion clinic stopped taking new patients last weekend and will be closing its doors at the end of August.


The building at 419 Welshwood Drive will soon be occupied by new tenants, promising life-affirming healthcare options for low-income women and families. The new organization will not be performing or referring for abortions.


The mobile ultrasound unit pictured at the clinic above is a Project Life for Tennessee sponsored unit that was present on both killing days for the past several years.


Only 1 abortion clinic remains in Nashville, and there are 5 left in the State of Tennessee. 

More about The Women’s Clinic

  • The clinic’s owner, Gary Boyle, was arrested for pointing a gun at pro-life attendees during a rally in Charleston, SC.
  • Women paid $650 to terminate the life of their child.
  • In 2014, a 911 recording was released (after a hard fought effort) of the clinic calling for an ambulance as a pregnant mother and her child lay dying on the operating table. At one point during the call, the practitioner even laughs about the situation.

Planned Parenthood runs all 5 remaining abortion facilities in Tennessee.

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